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Alien Invasion Type
(Brian Shadis)

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Engine Block

description //
Engine Block began as a personal project back in 2007, I used it for some priojects that I was working on, having created only the 20 or so characters that I needed. I fell in love with it and since I have some free time, chose to restart work on it.
I've designed this typeface in the era of the 60's-70's muscle-car style. It's weight and feel are heavy, stamped, as though it comes right off of the engine block, hence the name.

It'll be a fun typeface to play with and usable in any medium, whether it's a old-school, retro sign or a modern website design.

Soon to come are a full set of punctuation, numbers and glyphs. Possible varying weights as well, haven't decixed upon that as of yet.

Engine Block's pricing is slated to be around the $59.00 area and will be available sometime before Christmas 2011., so pick up a copy or two, give one as a gift.

ENGINE BLOCK 21012 Alien Invasion Type Design