// clean+creative
I'm Brian Shadis, a multidisciplined, brand-centric, hands-on Creative Director specializing in Art Direction, Product Development, 3D Modeling & Photography. Helping clients achieve their desired goals by delivering clean, straight-forward branding solutions and campaigns without the heavy agency costs is and always has been my main objective. My goal is to build a partnership with clients whyich last from the time their brand is a fledgling through it's maturity.

Clean Creative began as my moniker in the early 2000's as my answer to the growing trend of seeing "way too much stuff" on web pages for the sake of having it there. This eventually spilled over into print and commercial marketing. The approach: keep it simple and clean. Answer the: who, what and why. WHo you are, what is your demographic and why it would benefit them. Voila, you have it.

I work efficiently, effectively and very closely with all of my clients. I also work with the idea that what's successful today may very well not be tomorrow, so as a clients needs change due to marketplace demand, they can rest assured that I will be on top of technology and trend changes which may help suit their needs.

I work integrally in the marketing & business aspect of design, I have always loved the psychology of people, business and demographics as a whole. Whether it's building a new foundation or improving upon a currently existing one, I live and breathe building and bettering brands.
// freebies
My freebies section is coming soon, it's a collection of Photoshop PSD's, actions, styles, patterns, backgrounds, photos, Illustrator files and a whole lot more.

They're all assets that I design for fun. Keep checking back, you may find some useful goodies.